Digital Light Processing (DLP) involves advanced technology that was introduced by Texas Instruments. The process involves 1.3 million microscopic mirrors of Digital Micromirror Devices (DMD). This is a type of technology used to get more pixels onto High Definition Television (HDTV) so the picture is clearer. This entire concept is currently known as DLP HDTV.

The DMD is the main component of the DLP HDTV system. This tiny gadget holds all the small mirrors that reflect the pixels. They are made from aluminum so they are very light weight. One DMD can hold up to 1,280 pixels. Hewlett Packard is working in enhancing the DMD process so it can generate two pixel images at a time. The result will be DLP HDTV with even better picture resolution.

If you compare the cost of a flat panel plasma or LCD television set to that of a DLP HDTV you will find the latter to be more cost effective. You will be getting a very good deal because it offers you a very good picture and they have a much longer life than a cathode ray tub TV set. One of the disadvantages though is that LCD television sets have better contrasting controls and ranges of color than what is offered on DLP HDTV. However DLP HDTV definitely wins when it comes to viewing sports or other materials where there is plenty of motion going on.

The DLP HDTV models use a color wheel system for the colors you can select from. There are three primary colors used - red, green, and blue. When these colors are mixed with the DMD though you can get 256 different shades of color. The best selling DLP HDTV on the market right now is the 56 inch Samsung HLR5667W. It retails from $1,600 to $2,700. They also have a 50 inch model you can get for a price of $1,500 to $2,800.

As the DLP HDTV becomes more popular you can expect a wider selection of models to emerge onto the market. You can also expect a reduction in the cost of them. For now though you will have to pay the high price to have the DLP HDTV, the newest technology in the way of TV and movies.

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